Less guns, more crime

The English are scratching their heads… don’t the criminals know that guns are illegal?

Labour has been accused of losing control of gun crime as new figures show a sharp rise in armed robberies. Guns were used in 4,120 robberies last year – a 10% jump – including a 9% rise to 1,439 in the number of street robberies where guns were used.

There was also a rapid and unexplained increase in the number of times householders were confronted in their own homes by armed criminals. Residential firearms robberies show a 46% leap, a record 645 cases in England and Wales – up 204 on the previous year and four times the level recorded in 2000-01.

Gee, do you think assuring the criminals that their potential victims are unarmed might not be a great idea? Really?

The Home Office is trying to cover up by saying that “Firearm offences have fallen significantly, by 14% in the year up to September 2006, which amounts to 1,642 fewer incidents”, but of course, they don’t define a firearm office, which most likely includes the “crime” of merely owning a unregistered firearm.

So, fewer law-abiding people were caught with illicit firearms, but the criminals are making more use of them. Yeah, that balances out nicely.