In da club

If you’d like to listen to my guest appearance on Saturday’s Northern Alliance show, with the Fraters Libertas, they’ve got a podcast up here.

Sadly, Sam Tzu was a no-show. Maybe next time….

UPDATE: The Power Liberal didn’t enjoy it so much:

Made the mistake of listening to NARN while we were out doing errands today, and got to hear Vox Day…. One of his commenters adds: “You know who else has been indoctrinated? African Americans. Why, they won’t even talk to you when you suggest that maybe it was a bad idea to end slavery.”

Amusingly enough, there is actually a legitimate case to be made for that based on this New Yorker article. As always, it merely depends upon what your metric happens to be:
Slavery was a cruel and inhuman system, but more so psychologically than physically: to get the most work from their slaves, planters fed and housed them nearly as well as free Northern farmers could feed and house themselves…. He went through more than ten thousand slave manifests—shipboard records kept by traders in the colonies—until he had the heights of some fifty thousand slaves; then he averaged them out by age and sex. The results were startling: adult slaves, Steckel found, were nearly as tall as free whites, and three to five inches taller than the average Africans of the time.

Obviously someone never heard Muhammed Ali’s famous quote about his feelings regarding his grandfather’s catching the slave ship.