The Great ’07 Stache Clash

We try to remain family-friendly around here, okay, at least borderline civilized, so I shall only say that Michael Medved truly is a genuine [two syllables, begins with ‘d’, rhymes with ‘duck’). He actually tried to characterize Joseph Farah’s response to his “there is no NAU” fairy tale like this:

“I’m greatly encouraged by the lengthy, indignant responses by prominent scare-mongers Joe Farah and Jerome Corsi to my on-air and on-blog denunciation … of their self-promoting paranoia regarding an alleged conspiracy to merge the U.S., Canada and Mexico,” he begins. “The defensive tone of their commentary suggests that these two have been appropriately embarrassed: Farah, in particular, dramatically de-escalated his rhetoric.”

Farah, needless to say, lost little time in bitch-slapping Medved hard enough to knock that righteous porn ‘stache right off his face.

Given the way in which Medved slings around “Nazi”, it’s hard to credit his claim that he’s never accused Jerome Corsi of anti-Semitism either. I don’t see why Corsi would want to bother debating him, though, Medved’s words are sufficiently self-refuting.