Mailvox: An exemplary model

Gene asks a reasonable question:

I’ve asked this before but never got an answer; Why do you pay attention to Amynda? Aren’t there many like her blogging? Aren’t many college age people similar to her in their thinking? Does she have a large readership or something?

First, Amynda is as close to the the archetype of the idiot feminist I encountered in college as I’ve ever seen on the Internet. Her blog is an intellectual open sewer of the sort one can usually only find in a Woman’s Studies program, and unlike the similar Bitch PhD, she’s still young enough and insulated enough to cling to her feelings about reality rather than accepting it for what is is and adjusting her behavior accordingly.

Furthermore, she is held up as an exemplary feminist blogger by several mainstream sources. If I were to use a less-lauded example, I would be rightly accused of addressing a marginal figure to whom no one actually pays attention. As it stands, it’s quite clear that I’m not making anything up, that these people do exist and that there are a lot of young women who actually do subscribe to this particularly noxious form of feminist ideology.

In short, if Amynda didn’t exist, I’d almost have to invent her. Ironically, she is the Strawfeminist; it would seem that like vampires, feminists are incapable of looking in the mirror.

I firmly believe in shining a cold analytical light on evil and exposing it rather than ignoring it and hoping it will go away. As Andy pointed out, widespread exposure of Amynda’s ideas will do far more damage to radical feminism than I could ever do on my own. The utter revulsion they inspire in women like Gene is actually testimony to that notion.

And you’ll note, for example, that no one even tries to quote Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris here the way they do on other blogs, now that everyone here has seen them exposed as grossly ignorant intellectual charlatans.