Und ze long march continues

Silly woters… zey didn’t honestly believe zat ze Fourth Reich would give up that easily, did zey? You vill wote until you wote correctly, hein?

GERMANY is plotting to revive the dumped EU Constitution, its envoy to Britain revealed yesterday. Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger admitted that Berlin wants to keep the old constitution “to the maximum extent” He said Chancellor Angela Merkel plans to deny voters a chance to reject the Brussels masterplan — derailed in 2005 by voters in France and the Netherlands.

Mr Ischinger said: “We want to preserve significant portions of the document without a second referendum process.”

And I’d like a pony. Meanwhile, Michael Medved is rabidly attacking everyone who is observant enough to notice that exactly the same conquest-by-document process is currently underway in North America… if Germany’s Jews paid as little attention to what was going on around them as Mr. Medved does, it would certainly explain why they sat around so complacently as the physical and ideological infrastructure for the Endlosung was being erected.