Girl logic

Amynda demonstrates the sort of thinking that by all rights should land her a regular Star & Sickle column:

Well, we’ll get around to discussing how problematic male dominance is after we’ve convinced every woman ever to avoid ever turning tables and gaining some small pleasures here and there. Men feel they can use you for sex? You should cry and give up on sex rather than use them right back and show them payback’s a bitch.

I couldn’t care less about the inherent inequality of “Ladies Nights”, but then, I’m pro-freedom and believe that men and women should be free to sell or not sell their goods and services to anyone they like, at whatever price they like.

A very scary concept, I know.

What’s amusing here is the fact that Amynda and her tuff-girl feminist sisters just can’t seem to learn from anything, not from history, not from empirical evidence, not even from personal experience.

If someone is using you, using them right back doesn’t accomplish anything, it simply gives them exactly what they’re looking for. I absolutely LOVED this sort of female thinking in my amoral, predatory days. Don’t use me, girl, don’t throw me in dat der briar patch! I mean, it was the best of all possible worlds, a sure thing plus you didn’t even have to pretend to feel guilty for not calling the next day.

The basic problem with girl logic is that it is completely concerned with how a woman feels rather than what is happening around her. This is how precisely the same behavior from two perfect strangers can either be a) sexual harassment or b) the cause for delighted phone calls to all her friends, on the sole basis of how the woman feels about the approach.

Ironically, this is almost exactly the approach recommended by Bobby Knight regarding rape. Relax and enjoy it… or rather, if you’re being raped, rape them right back and show them payback’s a bitch!

Seriously, does she have Down’s Syndrome or something? This really isn’t that complicated. Adam Smith covered it back in 1776: when the supply goes up, the price goes down… and you can ask any European man, it doesn’t get any cheaper than an American college girl.

Even in Amsterdam and Bangkok, you have to pay. Thanks to feminists and the Sexual Revolution, this may be the only regard in which America is still the land of the free.

UPDATE – It just gets better. Hannibal actually thinks he’s being clever:

You’re not following it through fully. Ensure that *only* women be able to carry handguns as well as encouraging them to do so.

I’ve used that argument on some of the pro-gun wingnuts – you’d be amazed how well it short-circuits many of their arguments.

Only if you’re arguing with yourself. A man who is prepared to rape a woman is not going to shirk at carrying a gun illegally. In fact, a lot of men who won’t rape a woman won’t shirk at carrying a gun, regardless of whether those who think they are our masters have granted permission or not.

I’ve never had a permit and neither does nearly anyone I’ve ever gone to the range with. As Nate would say, I’m just sayin’….

Anyhow, the more girls that carry guns, the better, as far as I’m concerned. Go ahead and pass that law. Then they can feel they’re carrying with Daddy Government’s okay, and men will continue to do what we’ve always done. I’ll never understand why Patriarchy-hating feminists and their hangers-on can’t see the irony of always needing to ask for permission for every individual decision.