The failed anti-Semite

The most damning thing about the Angry Left isn’t that they are maleducated, ignorant and unintelligent, it’s that they are, and have always been, the most blatant of liars. And when someone lies about you, that’s a pretty good indication that they are lying about other things as well, which is why I thought I’d call this lunatic on his bizarre “I’m telling the Jews” claim:

We’re gonna fuck the nasty little runt fascist [Vox Day]. I’ve already notified the ADL and JDL about him. Surprise surprise, they already know about him.

I’m sick of these cocksuckers.

They’ve talked about the Angry Left for years. See how they like rage.

Now, I’m not a fan of Abe Foxman or many of the actions of the organization he fronts, but I have no problem with the Jewish Defense League, so I sent them the following email and received an amusingly dry reply:

Dear JDL,

A reader happened to forward the blog link below to me recently, and it made me curious to know what, precisely, your organization happened to “already know about” me. As I am neither a little runt nor a fascist, neither anti-Semitic nor anti-Israel, I am wondering what the [individual] was told by a representative of your group that satisfied him.

With regards,
Vox Day

Wow. Someone doesn’t like you. Don’t know what that feels like. Seriously, we maintain no files on you. I tried to check old email and cannot find any reference to either you or your blog.

Best wishes for a happy new year,
Jewish Defense League

It looks like you can add “failure as an anti-Semite” to that little list of my failed endeavors. As always, simply shine the light and the cockroaches scurry.