There are worse ways…

… to spend an evening than drinking the “Naturally Australian” cab-shiraz blend. It’s cheap, but really good as a table wine. And while I’m normally loyal to my Italian merlots, proseccos and lambruscos, it was a rather nice break from the alchohol routine.

And there’s nothing like a proper, well-steamed cappucino with a healthy shot of Bailey’s added to top off dessert.

Unless, of course, it’s figuring out a new way to set up the projector with the XBox 360. You haven’t played Call of Duty until you’re comfortably ensconced ten inches off the floor (on the Super Lowrider Maxi-Comfort exercise bike) in front of what is effectively a 90-inch screen. Now I just have to dig up an old Thrustmaster, figure out how to get Wing Commander running in DOSbox, and I’ll be Living The Dream.

And they wonder why I never leave the house….