Calling the Gay Mustacio

I, for one, am simply outraged that anyone would compare deportations of illegal aliens to the Holocaust! Someone get Michael Medved cranked up to eleven! Obviously, this awful people are Nazis… denounce! Decry! Degroovy!

Sorry, just got a bit sidetracked there. Anyhow, this is absolutely beyond belief! Tito, fetch me the smelling salts, I feel as if I might collapse onto my fainting couch:

U.S. Hispanic groups and activists on Thursday called for a moratorium on workplace raids to round up illegal immigrants, saying they were reminiscent of Nazi crackdowns on Jews in the 1930s….

“This unfortunately reminds me of when Hitler began rounding up the Jews for no reason and locking them up,” Democratic Party activist Carla Vela said. “Now they’re coming for the Latinos, who will they come for next?”

Personally, I’d vote for the feminists, but I’m perfectly willing to settle for the professoriat. Even if the tweedy academics probably wouldn’t get as much enjoyment out of the Patriarchal Rape Camps as much.

Although, given the tweedy academics I’ve known, I could be wrong about that.