Smack that bitch up

There is a proverb, I believe, about how meeting people on the way down is likely to bite you on the ass if you’re a complete jerk to all and sundry. Or something to that effect, anyhow:

When the show was over and I was walking off the set past La Regan’s desk, my gracious host told me once again that I was grievously wrong to think that father absence was often not the fault of fathers. “Then why is it that it’s mothers who initiate divorces two-thirds of the time?” I asked. In response, Regan shrieked, “Because all those men are pigs! And I hope that some day, you marry a guy who chokes you and gives you a black eye!” (as she alleged her ex had done to her)….

My issue with her is not that she was rude to me, it’s that she’s an anti-father bigot…. Another sad thing is that women like Regan claim — and perhaps sincerely think — that they are disliked because our culture labels strong, independent, aggressive women as bitches. Unfortunately, sometimes the label fits.

There’s a lot more wrong with publishing than Judith Regan alone. But it’s pretty clear that “piece of work” doesn’t suffice to describe the woman. I have no idea if the above-mentioned allegations about were true or not, but given her post-marital behavior, I have little doubt that a black eye was more than merited. She certainly gave one to Mr. Murdoch’s empire.

We’re all equal now, baby. Women who talk and act like men shouldn’t be surprised when they occasionally get treated like one. And if you’re going to cry about a black eye, you’re not equal, you’re a child.