Mailvox: the one-stop hate shop

DB is deeply concerned:

The content of your online magazine, World Net Daily, reflects a disturbing paranoia that manifests itself in hate. If the collective of articles I have read on your site was the concoction of one person I wouldn’t be so alarmed. The fact that those whom contribute to the content of your site number in excess of one shows without a doubt you have an agenda; and I imagine you take great pride in that agenda. As a result, I am as not overly sympathetic to your malady as I would be if this disease had it’s hold on a single person. I only wish that one day the realization that hate dictates your lives makes itself apparent before it destroys the lot of you. For some of you I sense it’s too late.

To grasp the fact that you spread hate is well within the reach of most civilized people in our world. My concern is that as you spread your hate, in a manner that aims to manipulate, psychotic groups and individuals in our society will pig out from your venomous feeder and lash out against those human beings associated with the impetuous of your collective writings. e.g. homosexuals, atheists, elitists, Muslims, liberals, illegals, Jimmy Carter, Cindy Sheehan, and activist judges. And that is just the commentary I have read today. Oh, and may I now assume that you will add my name to the list of “human scum”.

You can choose to ignore what I say, as I’m sure you will, but it is an alarming truth that will make itself apparent to you. When that judgment comes I hope that you find you have not yet destroyed all that can provide you comfort in your time of need.

The world you have created for yourselves must be tiresome.

Oh, settle down, Shirley. Western civilization is offing itself quickly enough without it mattering much what anyone on WND writes. And the pace appears to be increasing.

Does anyone, beyond the obvious, actually believe that the world wouldn’t be better off with fewer homosexuals, atheists, elitists, Muslims, liberals, illegals, activist judges and Jimmy Carters? Or do we really need MORE individuals dedicated to the destruction of human civilization?

If so, how many more is enough? How many more is too many? And is the belief that there is too much of something really equivalent to hating it?

Normal Individual: “Boy, it would sure be nice if this rain would stop.”

Anti-Hate Activist: “Why do you hate water? Why?”