Over and out

Posting was nonexistent today, since I was overcome with grief at the Meerkats exiting the VPFL playoffs. Once again, I managed to get lit up in the first round, while scoring more than teams in the other half of the draw. But even the mild underperformance by the piranha of the Serengeti shouldn’t take anything away from Shrub’s unexpectedly strong performance, putting up 80 points when he needed it most and riding Michael Vick, of all people, to victory.

It’s a little tougher on the Grizzlies, who lost in a squeaker to the Tomlinsons… I mean, the White Trash. Of course, at least we made the playoffs, unlike the Mouth of the South, Mr. Nathan Tennessee.

In other, unrelated news, I’m rather pleased at having secured some interesting development rights to a classic RPG, which includes permission to write novels in that RPG setting. I don’t have any concrete plans as yet, but I do have a few ideas….