Squeeze play

Like you couldn’t see this coming:

With the recent release of Microsoft’s newest potential cash cows, Windows Vista and Office 2007, the company is expecting a wave of upgrades from users seeking the latest functionality. But what if you’re not looking for new bells and whistles? What if you want to keep your old operating systems, such as Windows 2000, running as long as possible?

Microsoft isn’t making it easy for you. Office 2007 and the software for the company’s much-hyped Zune music player won’t install on Windows 2000. As other new products emerge from Microsoft in 2007 and beyond, more and more of them are likely to leave Windows 2000 out of the party.

There’s only one way out of the trap. Use non-Microsoft products at every opportunity. I’m stuck using XP for the moment, but it’s literally the only Microsoft product that I use, I’ve finally moved completely away from Microsoft Word in favor of OpenOffice 2.1.

I’m just waiting for Google to realize that they can topple Microsoft by releasing an easy install G-Linux. Google has been nipping around the edges with its web-based applications, but G-Linux would drive a stake right into the vampire’s heart.

Google has the resources now, here’s hoping that someone there sees the benefit in ending Microsoft’s evil reign.