Fun with fat girls

This ad would be amusing even if it didn’t upset the feminists. The best part is when the PS/3 explains that she is educated. Right, that’s what every man wants, an educated girl. That’s why there are so many magazines full of pictures of women’s diplomas, complete with long and tedious essays about what it feels like to be a female (fill in the blank).

For the Nth time: Ladies, men don’t give a damn about your educations! And Intelligence |= Education. The mere fact that so many women can’t understand either of these very simple concepts underlines their relevance.

A PhD is Sociology isn’t one-one hundredth as attractive as a cheerful smile, pretty eyes or a nicely formed, nicely fit behind. Ask 100 men if they would rather date a girl with a Harvard degree on her resume or the Victoria’s Secret catalog, more than 95 percent would prefer the latter. Make it the Pirelli calendar and that figure rises to 100 percent.

Feministe complains: “I mean, talk about original!” You mean, original as in the way women inevitably defeat men with snappy retorts and superior athletic skills on television? Sure, that was funny the first 500 times, but now….

The only reason things like G4 exist in the first place is because women with sensibilities similar to Jessica and Amynda have destroyed what little entertainment was to be found in mainstream television. Not that it’s any great loss, of course.

She watch channel zero.