You’ve got to be kidding me

The Weekly Standard reports that Western civilization hangs by a thread:

The Evening Standard also understands that US secret services have a number of secret files on Diana and her closest associates that are held by the national security agency. The files, which include reports from foreign intelligence – thought to include MI5 and MI6 – come under both top secret and secret categories. The reports cannot be released because of “exceptionally grave damage to the national security”.

This makes sense. It’s obvious that Diana planned the attack on the Twin Towers with her secret lover, Osama bin Laden. The CIA thought bin Laden was in Paris with her, not realizing that they’d confused him with Dodi al-Fayed after both men attended the same exclusive party thrown by the princess following an Elton John concert.

After the CIA took out Diana in Paris, an embittered bin Laden decided to expand his attack to include the White House and the Pentagon as well.

No wonder they don’t dare to release those reports to the public!

Question: if the people are supposed to be in charge, why is it that they can’t ever be permitted to know anything in our “democracy”?