A testimony to moral sickness

From the Telegraph:

A cuckolded husband was banned by the High Court yesterday from naming a married public figure who conducted an affair with his wife. In what is believed to be the first case of its kind, Mr Justice Eady granted the adulterer — who may be identified only as CC — an injunction against the betrayed husband, referred to as AB….

The judge granted an injunction preventing AB from communicating, directly or indirectly, with the media or on the internet on the subject of his wife’s former relationship. Unless amended, the order will remain until a full hearing, planned for Feb 12.

In his ruling, the judge said: “There is a powerful argument that the conduct of an intimate or sexual relationship is a matter in respect of which there is ‘a reasonable expectation of privacy’.”

This is a powerful demonstration of the way that Western government are increasingly taking positions which not only attack traditional morality, but do so in a manner that demonstrates their intrinsic opposition to the very rights which they are supposedly protecting.

One would think that the “reasonable expectation of privacy” would easily, automatically, be trumped by the husband’s free speech and economic freedom rights, after all, one cannot slander someone so long as one speaks the truth, nor should one be prevented from profiting from his unique knowledge. That is, after all, the entire premise of the media business, that people will pay for knowledge they do not currently possess.

There is something deeper here. The pattern that reveals the pernicious spiritual element at works is the way in which that which is sin is increasingly protected by the force of government, whereas that which imposes any of the natural costs of sin upon itself is increasingly attacked.

Nothing positive will ever come of those who call good evil and evil good.