Mailvox: hardly the only one

Someone, presumably tcw, writes:

What surprise…. Ban the only atheist on the board so that the echo chamber can resume and ideas aren’t challenged.

Nicely done, Vox.

Right, I’m directly taking on the three leading public atheists, but I’m quivering in terror before the lunatic meanderings of a solitary Internet pest.

While tcw was far from the only non-Christian on this blog, he was the only annoying one. I don’t care if someone is a Buddhist, a zetecist or one of the four last remaining Shakers, so long as he abides by the basic rules of this blog. Tcw was given plenty of opportunities to modify his behavior, unlike others who have received similar warnings and have not only remained but even gained the respect of the regulars here, he refused to do so.

Tcw wasn’t banned without cause, he was banned because he was repeatedly and demonstrably intellectually dishonest, continually evasive and finally, refused to provide direct answers to specific questions after being warned not to do so. I don’t care if people agree with me or not, but I refuse to tolerate that sort of behavior here. It’s not interesting, it’s not informative and it’s not going to happen here.