Calling all Supreme Court justices

Yet one more reason to like the Cowgirl:

Late in the second quarter, linebacker Buster Davis laid out one of Florida’s most dynamic players, freshman receiver/running back Percy Harvin. I have never heard a stadium grow more silent. The visitor section sat there, stunned. Minutes passed as Harvin remained motionless on the ground, being tended to by numerous paramedics. Then, almost in unison, the entire Gator bench left their sideline, came out to the hash marks and knelt in prayer. What happened next, though, really shocked me.

Upon the Gators’ impromptu vigil, Florida State and Florida fans alike rose and applauded. Not in a “hooting and hollering” sort of way, but in one that said, “This is what the game is supposed to be about: camaraderie, sportsmanship and faith.” This moment, of course, was probably never televised, but it was one of the most pivotal and moving in the game.

I’m not exactly a fan of female sportswriters, but Miss Sterger is more than mere eye candy. Sure, she writes about herself, but she also grasps that it’s not actually all about her.

No doubt Michael “Pain in the Atheist” Newdow will soon be filing suit against the Florida football team.