If Muslims get it

Then why don’t the Anti-Defamation League and the ACLU?

Muslim leaders joined their Christian counterparts yesterday to launch a powerful attack on politicians and town halls that play down Christmas. They warned that attempts to remove religion from the festival were fuelling Right-wing extremism.

A number of town halls have tried to excise references to Christianity from Christmas, in one case by renaming their municipal celebrations “Winterval”. They have often justified their actions by saying Britain is now a multi-faith society and they are anxious to avoid offending minority groups.

But the Muslim leaders said they honoured Christmas and that local authorities were playing into the hands of extremists who were able to blame Muslim communities for undermining Britain’s Christian culture.

It kind of takes the wind out of your sails when the people you are “defending” inform you that your efforts are counterproductive and undesirable, doesn’t it. Unfortunately, it’s not as if that will stop them.

I think the ideal solution would be for every person who favors banning all mention of Christmas to be informed that they will not be getting any time off in December until New Years Eve. It’s not as if a particular collection of genes should logically care which random collections of genes happen to be in their vicinity at any particular point in the space-time continuum anyhow.

Now, I wish my Jewish friends both a Happy Hannukah and a Merry Christmas. They do the same with me. This is not rocket science! In the West, we celebrate Christmas. Accept it and deal with it, or go somewhere else.