The shedding

The Lizard Queen sheds her skin again in preparation for her ascension to the Cherry Blossom Throne:

Liberal Democrats such as the membership of the activist organization want the party to investigate the administration’s case for the Iraq war and instances of possible corporate misconduct. By contrast, centrist and conservative Democrats like New York Sen. Hillary Clinton and many of the newly elected lawmakers from Southern and Western states argue the party should avoid taking too harsh a stance against big business or the Bush administration.

Hillary Clinton is as centrist and conservative as she is heterosexual. Or human, for that matter.

How interesting that it should be the Wall Street Journal clearing trail for her…. Nevertheless, I, for one, welcome our new Reptilesbian Overlordess.

Hillary and Nancy ruling in D.C.
First comes socialized health care
Then gay and polygamous marriage
Then the American Union of an exoconstitutional sovereign tripartite superstate, presumably in the company of a new currency pegged to the Euro, in the proverbial baby carriage.