This makes me so happy

They always were golddiggers:

The San Francisco 49ers ended negotiations with the city about building a new stadium and plan to move to either Santa Clara or somewhere else in California, The Associated Press learned Wednesday night.

Owner John York notified Mayor Gavin Newsom of the team’s decision earlier Wednesday, the mayor’s spokesman, Peter Ragone, told the AP.

Oh, how I hope they move to Los Angeles! I have a love-hate relationship with the Bay Area, with all the enmity being directed at the 49ers and their hordes of annoying fans who didn’t actually follow football but merely enjoyed being associated with a winner.

I’d rather they didn’t just move to Santa Clara, though. I rather like Santa Clara and wouldn’t like to see it spoiled by association. Other teams I dislike:

The Washington Redskins
The Detroit Lions (especially the Millen-era Lions. I loathe Matt Millen.)
The Oakland/LA Raidess (although Al Davis is amusing)
The St. Louis/LA Rams (who belong in Los Angeles)
The Arizona/St. Louis Cardinals (despicable on several levels)
The Indianapolis Colts (I’m conflicted, I admire TD but Peyton, however quality, is annoying. And a choker. I’m still annoyed that the Vikes didn’t fire Denny and promote TD when they had the chance.)

I disliked the Steelers in the 1970s because they beat the Vikings, but I found myself liking them as an adult because of how the Rooney family runs the operation. Teams I like:

The Dallas Cowboys
The New England Patriots
The Jacksonville Jaguars

The Green Bay Packers, of course, are in their own category. I don’t hate them or their fans and it may have gotten a little dusty in the room when news of Reggie White’s death hit. But at the same time, a 2-14 season with a sweep of the Pack is a successful year in my book.