Can’t marry them, can’t employ them

Pretty much the only thing interesting I’ve read about today’s elections:

The networks claim to have completely revamped their exit-poll methodology, which in 2004 had surveys in which the results, collected mostly by female graduate students, consistently favored Democrats.

I quite enjoyed the entire debacle in 2004 – and seeing my re-election call proved right, of course – but this aspect of the errant exit-polls was my favorite. Those pollers must have been working towards graduate degrees in Education or Womyn’s Studies. You know all of them were thinking that if they just snuck in an extra Democratic vote or two here and there, no one would ever notice.

Math is hard!

There’s just something tremendously funny about a politically correct cabal being forced to basically promise not to hire too many female graduate students in order to keep them from screwing everything up again. Hey, there’s a Survivor for you, female graduate students from Harvard, Yale and Princeton competing against illiterate, mentally retarded Third Worlders.

I’m not saying the Ivy Leaguers would necessarily lose, I just think it would be a lot closer than one might think.

I didn’t vote, of course, as it just gives the bastards cover. They’re taking the nation to Hell with or without my help, so I decline to lend a hand.