Not all religions are created equal

The Donkey Liberation Front is outraged:

Royal remains and sacrifice of babies and donkeys revealed in lost Syrian city

Among the more striking discoveries are a hitherto unseen form of ancient writing and the fact that the women in the tombs tend to have more grave wealth than the men….

The newly-discovered tombs contained signs of the ritual sacrifice: underground brick structures yielded the skeletons of infants and decapitated donkeys or perhaps onagers (their wild cousins), as well as puppy bones, Prof Schwartz said. “Given these discoveries, it’s likely that the tomb complex is a royal cemetery,” he said. “Nowhere else in the region have we seen this elaborate example of animal sacrifices as part of burial rituals.”

Or maybe they had some sort of matriarchy, after all, killing babies is the absolute top priority of our modern female elite. You’ll notice that they didn’t find any cat bones.

I do find it interesting how those who feel that religions are all the same or that Christianity has nothing to do with civilization never seem to notice how many other religions involve the bloody slaughter of adults, children, puppies or other animals in some way or another.

And I wonder, too, what future archeologists will conclude about our society when they uncover those pits of infant bones that escaped cremation at the abortion abattoirs.