Seattle Scumhawks

I was happy with the way the Purple People Eaters devoured Matt “we’ll take the ball and we’re gonna score” Hasselbeck and company yesterday in Seattle, but now I’m delighted after reading this little story courtesy of NRO’s Nordlinger:

The Seattle Seahawks were temporary tenants of the football stadium at the University of Washington a few years back, when the Seahawks’ new field was under construction. My dad and I attended a pre-season game, in the heart of Seattle. A beautiful August day, the sun, the lake, the mountains . . .

Just before game time, a color guard of local Boy Scouts marched in with the flag, and the crowd rose to their feet and began to boo.

Jim McDermott, Patty Murray — I’d been embarrassed by my state, but that was the low point.

Who would have thought there would be a reason to despise a city as boring as Seattle? I was leaning slightly towards the Steelers for tradition’s sake last January anyhow, but now I’m feeling a positive sense of schadenfreude about those rain-soaked, flannel-wearing flamer-loving losers in the Northwest.

So, how ya’ll like that Burleson, Seattle? He’s well worth the money we’re paying Hutchinson, isn’t he.