It wants gender-free

I’ll give it gender-free. Via WND:

TO THE man on the street, the man on the street has never been much of a problem. But the language police of Scotland’s largest council have decreed otherwise. The man on the street and the girls in the office are now officially wrong.

Glasgow city councillors of a less politically correct ilk are scratching their heads. Dr Chris Mason, a Lib Dem member, declared: “Politeness, courtesy and respect – all these things are important. But a book of rules about what you can and cannot say? B*******.”

But Glasgow City Council, whose senior figures include Lady Provost Liz Cameron and leisure director and First Minister’s wife Bridget McConnell, is clear about the problem of oppressed women in its ranks. The issue is laid out in “Language Matters: A Guide for Good Practice”, which has been circulated to the council’s staff and elected officials.

And don’t the little fascists just love it! Consider this enthustiastic reaction from a thing called Helen: I am delighted that Glasgow City Council is going to outlaw sexism. I really despise being referred to as ‘hen’ and feel there is no place for this level of offensive disempowerment. I’m actively involved in trying to rid the church of exclusive language, and would like to see certain words banned such as brethren…..and yes, I’d like to see the end of the word chairman. Chairperson is absolutely fine. Likewise, my current job title is Centre Manager, NOT Centre Manageress. I think we need to come down like a ton of bricks on anyone who thinks it’s acceptable to indulge in the vile practice of sexism whether male or female.

I have a solution that should please everyone. To avoid offense, simply refer to an individual who one believes might be sensitive to such potentially damaging language as “it”. In the place of “Centre Manageress”, one might say “Centre Manager Thing”, just as one would refer to the “things at the office” in the place of “girls”.

And as we are reminded that things have names, there is no need to address any individual thing as Mrs, Miss or Ms, simply be polite enough to address it by its full name at all times.

See how I avoid the vile practice of sexism? A gentleman is always courteous, after all.