The Kabuki continues

So, apparently the thought of returning to the White House has occurred to her after all:

Clinton acknowledged that she has thought about running for the presidency in 2008, but said she is committed to running for Senate re-election.

“As you might guess, I’ve been asked that a few times before,” she said of her possible White House aspirations. “I am focused on this election. I am focused on my work in the Senate. Obviously, people are talking about whether I will or should be running for president, and I’m flattered by that.”

The debate was attracting much attention because Clinton, whose re- election appears increasingly likely, is the front-runner among potential 2008 Democratic presidential candidates. Analysts say the debates could be an important dress rehearsal for Clinton as she prepares to step onto the national stage.

Spencer is an ultra-conservative former mayor of the New York City suburb of Yonkers, battling anonymity and a national party that has forsaken his candidacy.

Watching American politics is like watching a whodunit you’ve seen before. The end isn’t just predictable, but it appears more than a little obvious. The Lizard Queen will likely be the next president since the Republican party will forsake its presidential candidate in a manner very similar to the one in which it has forsaken Spencer. The only thing that I can see keeping her out is the public exposure of her obvious sexual proclivities. Very few women understand the implications of ideology, so regardless of their party affiliation they will tend to support another woman as long as she isn’t an overt dyke or a Church Lady.

Throw in a few “for the childrens” and Hillary should crush the Republican selected to lie down for her. Her frigid bitch persona may actually prove a help, not a hindrance, as it will allow the Lizard Queen to pass for someone capable of standing up to America’s enemies as a sort of modern day Joan of Arc or Boudicca. Americans can be relied upon to forget that both of these historical freaks quickly ended up dead and defeated by their enemies.

The only serious difference in the Lizard Queen’s two upcoming elections, of course, is that the presidential sacrificial lamb will be too openly liberal for the electorate, whereas Spencer appears to be too conservative to win a statewide election in New York.