Those strong, independent women

And the men they hire to break up with their boyfriends:

German women who can’t face dumping their lovers are hiring a man to do it for them….

Two-thirds of Dressler’s clients are women. They tend to call early in the week, after another miserable weekend or holiday. Are women more cowardly? “I don’t like the word cowardly. Women are more diplomatic. They don’t like confrontation. There tend to be all sorts of hidden messages in what they say that men don’t pick up on. Several of my clients were in relationships which they’d personally tried to end several times. But their boyfriends would give them that look — men can make the tears flow just as much as women — promise that they’d change and they’d be back to square one.”

Actually, this sounds like a reasonably good deal for both parties. I don’t know if it holds true for everyone, but it seems that many people see their emotional development going from the desire to avoid being the one dumped to the desire to avoid being the one responsible for the failure of the relationship.