Mailvox: at least I’m employable

Caesar Arevalo gets a little carried away with the Nazi Germany simile:

If Vox Day had lived in Germany in the 1930s, Hitler would have hired him as his chief of the Nazi propaganda machine. Vox is unable to admit that America is fighting alone for the survival of Western civilization. His denial that North Korea and Iran are ready to use nuclear arms against America reminds me of Chamberlain’s optimism after his meeting with Hitler.

Vox Day’s arrogant attitude and big complex of superiority control him to the point that he mocks those who are being oppressed under totalitarian regimes. He said that peoples would support dictators if nuclear arms are developed to “defend” themselves against foreign powers.

He thinks that “freedom” is allowing Islamic terrorists and anti-American elements to carry out their plans with no interference of the government. His burlesque attack on the faith of President Bush reveals his ignorance in biblical eschatology and his hate of those who support Israel’s right to exist. It really takes an amount of faith to believe in what Vox Day writes.

Considering the way in which America helped spawn and refine the single most destructive force yet known to Western civilization – feminism – I think that Mr. Arevalo will be sadly disappointed if he thinks America is going to defend it. I don’t deny that North Korea and eventually Iran are prepared to use nuclear weapons against America if necessary, I merely deny that they are either insane or suicidal enough for that to be a primary motivation.

Apparently Mr. Arevalo doesn’t believe God is capable of protecting Israel against Iran, which therefore leaves the responsibility in George Bush’s all-capable hands. The good news for the Arab world and the Jew-haters, then, is that if the president protects Israel as effectively as he has protected America’s borders, Israel will be gone by this time next year.

Speaking of which, isn’t leaving the borders open and permitting terrorists to freely enter and move about the country an indication that those anti-American elements are at work within the American government?

As for those oppressed masses, it’s a heartwarming fiction that people everywhere yearn to breathe free, but that’s far from true in the United States, let alone in places where the people have never wanted nor expected genuine freedom. Most people around the world want very little except to eat well and watch television and they are prepared to put up with nearly anything that will permit them to do that in peace.