La la la, I can’t hear you

Amynda closes her eyes and tries to pretend it’s all about sex:

So describing sex as inevitable tends to reinforce the notion that there’s something wrong with it, which is what the anti-choicers are saying in the first place. After all, what are they trying to punish women for if not for fucking?*

*Well, they’re probably also mad at us for daring to exist, but that’s a whole nother discussion.

No, “anti-choicers” are “mad at” feminists for the same reason that “anti-Nazis” are “mad at” National Socialists… some people still retain enough moral clarity to oppose the mass slaughter of innocents. Damn their judgmental eyes!

Feminism couldn’t exist without the sort of indoctrination that turned the pro-life Christian girl of Amynda’s example into a pro-abortion feminist. It requires dedicated maleducation to warp a mind into accepting the concept that opposition to abortion is a sexual issue, but rape is not.

Which leads one to contemplate a feminist Zen koan: If a woman is raped for advocating abortion, was the rapist’s motivation sexual?