They are just, like, sooo cute

America is getting the government it deserves:

Maybe Democratic candidate Michael Arcuri is running strong in this Republican House district because he pledges to expand health coverage, balance the budget and raise the minimum wage. Or maybe it’s his piercing Italian eyes and runner’s physique

“He is pretty good-looking,” observed Paula Ferrin with admiration, as the 47-year-old district attorney worked the crowd at a local senior center.

“What we want is brains, honey,” scolded her friend Rose Oliver.

“True,” Ferrin answered, “but handsome doesn’t hurt.”

The research is unambiguous that Ferrin is right: Attractive politicians have an edge over not-so-attractive ones.

My mother once confessed that she worked as a volunteer on JFK’s presidential campaign primarily because she thought he was so handsome. I don’t doubt millions of individuals vote based on who they find more attractive, so I think we should just admit the ridiculousness of the charade, go all the way and swear in America’s Next Top Model winner every January.

Seriously. I mean, a coked-out runway babe or a bulked-up gay pinup would look a lot better than the Bush/Clinton du jour, would be far less likely to trample the Constitution or send the military to occupy sovereign nations and would make for much more entertaining State of the Union speeches.

They couldn’t do any worse, that’s certain. I do so enjoy the Three Monkey Republican logic. “If Bush wasn’t president, bad things would have happened!”

Right because 9/11, the failed Iraqi occupation and North Korea going nuclear all didn’t happen.

“But that’s not his fault!”

Then, what’s the big difference? Would Cuba have invaded? Would Iran have already nuked Israel?