Scalzi has the recipe

Ampersand was a good pro-feminist zeta male. He did his best to support the womyn in their titanic struggle against Patriarchy at Alas, A Blog: “Please note that some posts are marked as “feminist, pro-feminist and feminist-friendly only.”

Alas, the allure of turning Internet pimp proved too sweet for poor Ampersand, demonstrating yet again for those who have not yet figured it out that feminism is nothing more than a tool used by corrupt men to make use of maleducated women who are silly enough to believe in the magic fairy unicorn with the rainbow-colored horn named “Empowerment”.

Oh, I laughed, I did. I laughed indeed. The whole affair is almost as funny as Playboy’s assertion that Amynda and her two sorelle possess one “almost frightening intellect” between them.

Since I am regularly informed that my opinions and modes of thought are frightening, we can deduce that “almost frightening” must be around three standard deviations above average. 145 IQ / 3 bloggers = just over 48 IQ apiece. That sounds about right, actually.