Of logs and specks

The expulsion debate has already started in Europe:

In Austria this month, right-wing parties also polled well, on a campaign promise that had rarely been made openly: that Austria should start to deport its immigrants. Vlaams Belang, too, has suggested “repatriation” for immigrants who do not made greater efforts to integrate.

The idea is unthinkable to mainstream leaders, but many Muslims still fear that the day — or at least a debate on the topic — may be a terror attack away.

“I think the time will come,” said Amir Shafe, 34, a Pakistani who earns a good living selling clothes at a market in Antwerp. He deplores terrorism and said he himself did not sense hostility in Belgium. But he said, “We are now thinking of going back to our country, before that time comes.”

The idea is hardly unthinkable when left-wing British strategists are encouraging Labor to take a hard line on immigration before they lose the issue to the British National Party. The only reason Vlaams Belang isn’t the largest party in the Belgian parliament is that the Muslims allied with the Socialists in the most recent election… I rather doubt that’s going to be viewed favorably after the next Islamic terror attack.

What’s ironic is how Americans blithely predict the death of Europe and its four percent Islamic population while their own president is yammering about the need to grant citizenship to more of the third-worlders who make up 13 percent of the American population.

I mean, Mexicans are fine and all… but they’re Mexicans. They’re neither Democrats nor Republicans and they are going to transform the political scene into something that is exo-American and they certainly aren’t going to resist any sacrifice of American sovereignty to the gestating Pan-American Union.

Which raises the question of why George W. Bush believes granting these illegal aliens US citizenship rights is “a must”….