When proliferation is inevitable

Relax and enjoy it:

Defying worldwide appeals and threats of sanctions, North Korea appears to have made good on a promise to conduct its first nuclear bomb test. A South Korean government official first reported a test had been detected, according to South Korea’s Yonhap news agency….

In Washington, a senior Bush administration official confirmed for Fox News Channel just before midnight that the test had been detected by the U.S. The U.S. Geological Survey reported a 4.2 tremor in North Korea coinciding with the time of the test.

North Korea gleefully announced its test was successful.

Since the Bush administration responded to a Saudi terrorist attack by invading Iraq, no doubt they will respond to this North Korean action by invading Iran. It will be interesting to hear how this is all Clinton’s fault when Bush has had six years to prevent the North Koreans from weaponizing their nuclear technology, and how an Iraq without WMDs was more dangerous than a North Korea with them.

The truth, as I have previously pointed out, is that it is impossible to prevent nuclear proliferation. Every attempt at preventing the spread of military – or any other – technology has failed since China was jealously guarding the secret of the silkworm and Charlemagne was trying to prevent the Magyars from obtaining iron armor.

Given the contempt which the Republican elite has for the Three Monkeys, I expect the president to announce that North Korea’s nuclear weapons only proves why an Iranian invasion is necessary…. never mind that he didn’t do anything about North Korea despite the massive American military presence right on its border. Even worse, I expect the Three Monkey Republicans will fall for it.

A few weeks ago, the Original Cyberpunk was wondering about an October Surprise. Now we’ve got the Gay Old Pedophiles dealing with nuclear North Korea. What was that about being the only global superpower, again?