Of Shiites and Shapiro

Darth Shiite comes out in favor of a 51st State of the Union:

The cleric spoke at length about his vision for the future of the country concluding:

“What we need to do now is get a working government. But that government has to be based on a constitution. That constitution has to be written by all the Iraqi people. It has to be founded on the democratic principles, and it must take care of everyone regardless of their religion, of their ethnic background.

“Once we have this, then we can have an Iraqi government. We can begin to be a democratic state. We can be a beacon of light in the Middle East.”

Darth Vader began to raise his voice. “So we must follow these principles and we must put together a democracy together and we have to write a constitution built on the principles of Jesus Christ. …

“We’ll have this government. Once we have this government you bring us in as the 51st state.”

That is too funny. Words cannot express my disappointment that the pro-Empire neocons didn’t manage to convince President Bush to embrace Darth Shiite’s proposal to make Iraq a part of the United States. It’s got to be particularly disappointing to Ben Shapiro, who would have not only seen his dreams of American Empire come to pas, but had the chance to further develop his dark powers as Darth Shiite’s apprentice.

Seriously, hearing George Bush explain how Iraq was going to become the 51st state would have made for the best Presidential speech ever. He could have followed that up by appointing Mark Foley as the nation’s Childcare Czar.

An opportunity lost….