Mailvox: much disgruntlement

I received many, many emails in this vein. BS is not alone in his frustration:

I abandoned my families Democrat Party ties to vote for Reagan. Two years later, I became a Christian and I’ve never “voted for” another Republican. However, I have voted in every election “against Democrats,” which meant pulling the lever toward to Republicans. Every time I vote I feel like I’m sticking one more finger in a dike that’s overflowing with a flood of evil and immorality, I’m fed-up with choosing lesser evil candidates. All my Christian friends and I have agreed that if the Republicans nominate a pro-choice Presidential candidate for 08, we’re out! We’ll either stay home or vote for a pro-life third-party candidate even if he or she doesn’t stand a chance.

AG is weary of the Three Monkey commentariat:

I’m getting really tired of commentators like Sean Hannity and Michael Medved and Rush Limbaugh (who I happen to love otherwise), telling me that I have to support Republican candidates because the alternative is unthinkable. I was once a registered Republican, but found myself increasingly unable to reconcile my principles with the continued deterioration of the Party in actual power and practice.

Just last week, Michael Medved was on the radio telling us conservative voters that we had no choice but to support Arnold Schwarzenegger for Governor in November. He is the greatest example of why we shouldn’t blindly support Republicans. He has saddled us with homosexual curricula in the schools, onerous gun control regulations, and economy-killing environmental nonsense. With Republicans like that, who needs Democrats? It makes me more and more proud that I supported the real conservative in the recall election.

I think what really sealed the deal for me was when Jim Nicholson told a New Hampshire newspaper that the Republican party was no longer interested in being the party of small government. That told me that the Republicans were only interested in power, and holding on to it, rather than doing what voters sent them to Washington to do. There has to be a better choice than this.

BW isn’t enamored of either of the ruling party’s factions:

What sort of conservative still supports the Republican Party? The answer is the same as what kind of liberal still supports the Democratic Party. The Kool-Aid drinkers. No one with an ounce of intelligence can possibly defend the platforms, agendas, leadership, or rank-and-file legislators of either major political party.

Pick a topic, any topic. Reasonable people are not capable of backing either major party.

This should be an interesting election. I expect that a large number of conservativs will stay home and enjoy watching the faux-conservative Republicans go down in flames. To put a different spin on what Dick Morris said yesterday, the Republicans are doing their best to ensure a Hillary Clinton victory in 2008.

And while I’d love to see Democrats impeach George Bush, they won’t do it even if they take the House and Senate. Never forget that these jokers are all on the same team, Bush has just done their heavy lifting for them. It took a fake conservative Nixon to go to China and it took a fake conservative Bush to get the Patriot Acts through.

Democrats propose, Republicans dispose. That’s how it works.