Mailvox: of hate and harbor seals

JT agrees, to a point:

Wow! First, I agree that the Republican party has abandoned its principles and some their morality. I rarely ever read one of your opinion pieces because I find you offensive, however, since you have challenged my morality by being a Republican, let me ask you a question. What kind of person is still a member of a Southern Baptist Church after all of the shenanigans that Jimmy Carter has pulled? Why would anyone want to be associated with the “dead men’s bones” of a denomination of someone like Bill Clinton?

I left the Southern Baptist Church 8 years ago because I could no longer stand to be identified as a member of the same denomination as someone like those two boneheads.

Do you have political party? Oh, yes, I believe your party is Libertarian, yes? The one that advocates legalization of drugs? At the one meeting of the local Libertarian party that I attended, I could spell the pot before I got out of my car. Several of the guys were stoned. I got back in my car and went home—I didn’t want to be there in case the place was raided. I’ll vote another way if you have a suggestion. In the mean time, you and Joseph Farah are just as dislikeable and just as full of hate as the Democrats. You are just as unattractive as they are.

The obvious answer is: because Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton do not hold leadership positions in the Southern Baptist organization nor do they speak for Southern Baptists. The same is not true of the most powerful men leading the GOP.

Furthermore, I am not a Libertarian. I am a libertarian but I don’t belong to the party, in fact, I don’t belong to any political party. I think my last actual vote was a decade ago, when I voted for Harry Browne in 1996.

By the way, what is with women and these accusations of being full of hate. This is the second one in two days… Fiver apparently doesn’t like her other nickname, JT is apparently upset because I am insufficiently enthusiastic about homosexual Republican office-holders hitting on teenagers. Perhaps a woman can explain to me how this is supposed to be meaningful, as far as I’m concerned, it’s about as relevant as accusing me of being full of motor oil or harbor seals.