Mailvox: the value of a doctorate

JS, PhD demonstrates how reading comprehension is unnecessary in academia:

Torture/Interrogation does work or it would not be done. If you think that stop trying to get information out of captured terrorist will stop them from cutting the heads off our prisoners is folly. The whole war is about civilization, ours or theirs and the choice should be clear. We don’t try to kill them as a matter of religious doctrine and we will leave them alone if they would do the same. You as a Christian should know that.

One presumes that JS equally enthusiastic about astrology and Freudian psychoanalysis, after all, they must work or they “would not be done”. The degree to which he manages to miss the point is astonishing; whereas I never suggested that refraining from torture would change the way in which our prisoners are treated, I stated outright that torture is an ineffective tactic about as useless as cannibalism. And given his contention that the whole war is about the survival of our civilization, one would think that JS would be seriously troubled by the Bush administration’s desire to abandon what has hitherto been a historic aspect of it.

What this administration wants is to clarify what is acceptable under law and what is not. This will not only protect our professionals but also the incarcerated individuals. I do not understand why anybody could be against that. Are we the ones that go out and set roadside bombs to kill anything that is near it? Do we attack and kill our own on a daily basis because we disagree with them? Do we burn mosques because some Islam cleric makes a derogatory remark about Christians?

Do we eat fish on Fridays? Do we wonder why Larry Johnson has not rushed effectively in the first two weeks of the NFL season? Are we the ones who thought Lamont Jordan’s BTK rating was too high in Madden 2007?

These questions are no more irrelevant to the subject than those posed by JS.

As for the rest of your observations about government influence and growth, this happens everywhere. The politicians have become a group of elitists and are no longer the representatives of the people (with very few exceptions). This holds true on either side in the war on terrorism but at least on our side we can still vote our free will. The unfortunate part is that too many of us like the freebees the government hands out to us instead of getting them out of our life’s and let us fend for ourselves. I won’t speak for other countries but in ours, we have a constitution that is more and more ignored by all and we pay a heavy price for it. Let’s defend our country and help other to do same to remain and/or become free.

Apparently JS fails to see the contradiction between stating how the politicians “are no longer the representatives of the poeple” and how “we can still vote in our free will”. Actually, we can’t. We are given a choice between cow crap and horse crap and expected to regard it as delicious food. It’s absurd.

If you still have the haircut as in the picture with you article, get a life and have it changed. You look silly.