It is science

Let me know if you need me to walk you through any of this, ladies:

It is research that is guaranteed to delight men – and infuriate the women in their lives. A controversial new study has claimed that men really are more intelligent than women. The study – carried out by a man – concluded that men’s IQs are almost four points higher than women’s….

A focus on a factors such as the ability to quickly grasp a complex concept, verbal reasoning skills and creativity – some of they key ingredients of intelligence – revealed the male teenagers had IQs that were an average of 3.63 points higher. The average person has an IQ of around 100.

Had they controlled for habitual marijuana usage, no doubt the male advantage would have been another point or two larger. What’s truly frightening, of course, is the reminder that the average person has an IQ of around 100. This means that from my point of view, their cognitive ability tends to the same as that of the average unfortunate with Down’s Syndrome appears to them.

And you wonder why I despise democracy….

I await with interest all of the explanations why this study is invalid, wrong, evil and unconscionable. It’s interesting how arcane studies on the age of the universe are to be accepted unquestioningly, whereas those that deal with matters we observe every day are instantly rejected no matter how many times the same conclusion is reached. Perhaps the study is flawed, but if so, correct the flaws and let’s see how things shake out. In any case, I very much doubt that the sexes are any more identical cognitively than they are physically.

Personally, I don’t think the cognitive gap is a big deal, the emotional gap is a much more problematic one. I’ve seen far too many intelligent women say things like “I know X won’t work, but we HAVE to do SOMETHING” and too many bright men continue to stubbornly stick to a demonstrably untenable path to believe that IQ is the be all and end all of life, the universe and everything.