Of points and the missing thereof

The Happy Feminist remains happily confused:

Then (and I don’t normally comment on this guy because he is so not worth it), we have Vox Day gloriously missing the point with this query:

However, remember that celebrating physical violence in response to unwanted physical overtures goes both ways. If Krissy has the right to “kick the ass” of a man who grabs her, so do I. . . . And it means I also have the right to punch out every woman who grabs my arms, pats my pecs or whatever… is everyone okay with that, really?

No, Vox. The gender-neutral rules of self-defense are not a license to “punch out” gropey women. Krissy did not punch anyone out. Punching someone out implies a use of force far beyond what Krissy used.

For a member of a group who cling so closely to their historical and collective grievances, this feminist demonstrates a real inability to grasp context and very recent history. First, I explicitly noted that Krissy did not beat anyone up, indeed, her failure to incapacitate her opponent was the only problem I had with her actions. Second, numerous feminist cheerleaders openly regarded her action as an ass-kicking, even though I didn’t. Hence the quotes around “kick the ass”. Third, throwing a punch requires less force than that required to shove someone against a wall, but men, be sure to note that if The Happy Feminist ever happens to touch you, she won’t complain if you toss her against the nearest wall.

But forget the question of touching and self-defense, I note that according to the Dao of the Fabulous Krissy, I have the right to “beat the holy crap” out of the Happy Feminist simply for failing to “respect me for me”. Not that I could, however, according to one of her commenters:

As for poor little Vox–judging by his picture, my wheelchair-bound grandmother could kick his ass. So it’s no wonder he feels the need to project about Krissy’s ability to fight back.

Um, okay. Whatever gets you through the night.