VPFL: Whose house? Run’s house!

Week One results:

71 – Mounds View Meerkats
62 – East Mesa White Trash

58 – Greenfield Grizzlies
45 – Mile High Club

64 – Newport Sea Dogs
43 – West Texas Vikings

41 – Burns Montgomerys
37 – Pale Horse Cowboys

53 – Santa Barbarians
37 – COS McRays

Yes, the White Buffalo and I kicked things off in inimitable style, as my Meerkats swarmed their way to the high score of the week while WB’s Grizzlies had no trouble devouring the Shrubbery.

However, and I quote: “WTF? 3 teams starting non players! Dude, why are we wasting our time? You need to publicly bitch slap the Cowboys, White Trash, and Vikings – or give their teams to someone else.

In fairness to the White Trash, Portis did play. But as for the Vikings and Cowboys, I recommend paying closer attention to the injury wires. There was a chance Housh might play, but Davis is on the IR and is out for the year. If you want to run with the big dogs, then get with the program!