How very interesting

Casey is almost as bored with the subject as John Galt:

You think you might get some new material some time soon Vox? I know the Forbes article has given you weeks of something so say…but maybe we can move on from woman hating for awhile…just for a change?

I find it tremendously amusing that when I respond to yet another feminist-related article, I occasionally get accused of being obsessed with the subject. Now, considering that I have posted on everything from Advanced Squad Leader to Zoolander, I merely wonder why no one ever asks this question of feminists, who have a strong tendency to be One-Note Janes. Furthermore, it is a response on my part, ergo….

I mean, seriously, have you ever seen a single feminist blog that offers WNBA picks, let alone NFL picks? By the way, (he segued), I’m not doing NFL picks this year. I’m too good to make it interesting, not good enough to be worthy of note. Adding the VPFL is enough of an NFL commitment, in my opinion.