Calling Private Jessica

The surreal legend of the American amazon continues to grow:

Maj. Jill Metzger, a personnel officer, was last seen at a Zum shopping center in Bishkek, according to the Air Force. In response, 22 OSI agents have been dispatched to Kyrgyzstan to aid in the search. Col. Joel Reese, 376th Air Expeditionary Wing Commander, has sworn “not to rest” until Maj. Metzger is found.

Kyrgyzstan, a former Soviet republic, is 75% Muslim. It’s also infamous for the brutal tradition of “bride kidnapping,” where brides are kidnapped and forced into marriage by Kyrgyz men.

I sincerely hope they recover Miss Metzger alive, unharmed and healthy. And I fully recognize that any military officer can be captured by enemy forces.

But even the most sour-faced lesbian feminist couldn’t miss the irony and black humor if it turns out that an American military officer is forcibly married to her Muslim kidnapper. Some conservatives worry about cutting and running having a negative effect on the way in which the American military is regarded? This could make it a laughingstock.