Good riddance

Ann Coulter’s support of Tony Blair is the one position she has ever taken that I cannot at least somewhat defend. Go, and take Cool Brittania and George W. Bush with you:

“Tony Blair’s administration has been dealt what may turn out to be a fatal blow by the resignation of seven members of his Government.Tom Watson, the under-secretary of state for defence, wrote to Mr Blair this morning telling him that it was no longer in the interests of Labour or of the country for him to remain Prime Minister. This afternoon six parliamentary private secretaries – MPs on the lowest rung of the Government ladder – also handed in their resignations.”

I hope this will be Blair’s political death knell. He combined the worst traits of Bill Clinton with those of George W. Bush. Not only did he destroy the legacy of Margaret Thatcher, but he put Britain well on the road to becoming the EU province formerly known as Britain. May 31, 2007 is not soon eough to get rid of the man.