In defense of Beauty and the Beast

Pretty Lady probably should have known that following Bane’s example would lead to trouble:

Gracious. It would seem that the incendiary controversy of declaring that ‘Love is All There Is’ has been soundly trumped by the vastly more incendiary controversy of Begging for Bucks. It would also seem that, wide-ranging as Pretty Lady’s worldly experience seems to be, she still remains infinitely shockable.

I don’t know why anyone would criticize a tip jar or a wish list, whether it is intended for paying rent or buying toys. This is practically the essence of a true libertarian practice, if you happen to enjoy reading what they have on offer, you are free to express your appreciation. If not, no one will force you to do so, no one will even point a finger at you in an attempt to shame you into acting against your perceived self-interest.

There is no inherent vice in being in financial need just as there is no inherent virtue in possessing a fat bank account. Or vice-versa. It’s largely an illusion anyhow these days… I have seen the poor become rich and I have seen the wealthy, well, I suppose “encouraged by circumstances to make lifestyle adjustments” is how they would prefer to describe it.

If you want to give, then give. If you don’t, then don’t! It’s quite simple and Pretty Lady is correct to assert that this is not a question of morality.