Update on murder-by-government

From Ruiz on WND:

Rummel has now thus revised his world total for all democides 1900-1999 to 212 million, with Communists accounting for 148 million of that. (Drop this onto your agnostic friends who froth at the mouth about the alleged multitudes of those who’ve died in religious wars.)

And how about the 20th century’s pure combat deaths (World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam plus the Russian and Mexican revolutions, etc.)? They come to 34,021,000. In other words, Mao killed twice as many as died in uniform everywhere.

Clearly I shall have to update my calculation that a human being in the 20th century was around 27 times more likely to be murdered by an employee of your government than a private civilian.

But our government is different! Because Americans are good! Because we have democracy!

What, do they think the Weimar Republic was a monarchy? And if they think Bush is Hitler, then why do they want to give him the ability to control all access to weaponry?

Fucking morons.