Mailvox: where to start

WSL seems to be arguing with herself:

For years I have heard how important a woman’s career/income is to a man. Indeed I have experienced the double-tongued hypocrisy of men who both demand the woman who wants to stay at home and be a “homemaker”, vs. the woman who highly contributes to the man’s income by her own willingness to sacrifice herself on the alter of man’s materialistic appetite. He loves the fact that she is “everything” to him.

Your article is a reinforcement of what Christian women know for a certainty: men don’t know what they really want. You cannot have a vibrant, intelligent, educated-according to man’s limiting definition of “educated”–sexually gratifying, again according to man’s criteria of wanting both a mistress and a woman who values fidelity, and add to that a woman who is a mindful of her commitment to her employer and takes that commitment seriously, PowerPoint presentations at midnight notwithstanding. You want the purrrring sexually kitten with a Hugh hefner mindset on the one hand, but a pure, angelic creature, with the Proverbs 31 image parading into your bedroom.

To the contrary, there are women who are incredulously balanced. It is the man, the balanced woman discovers, is not balanced and realistic in his expectations.

Do I need to even bother trying to dissect this Thalidomide-twisted miscarriage of an argument? Forget arms, it doesn’t even have a head!