No good at this

I think this might serve as a summary for why I will never cut it as a proper conservative columnist. With Spacebunny out and about, I can actually watch videos recorded more recently than 1991 for once… I’m not an MTV fanatic but as a sometime songwriter I do like to keep up on the latest trends in music and video from time to time and after playing three hours of soccer today I’m pretty much useless for anything that requires either physical movement or brainwave activity.

Anyhow, I happened to see Nelly Furtado’s video for “Promiscuous”, which led me to the following four conclusions:

a) I don’t remember Nelly Furtado being smoking hot. When did that happen?
b) The rapper/singer dude is hilarious. The faces he made kept cracking me up.
c) Good, catchy song. I can appreciate a solid pop song.
d) What is Justin Timberlake doing in there?

Now, I’m not about to pull a Podhoretz here and start reviewing videos or anything, but it strikes me that if I’m ever going to make it on Townhall, I should loudly denounce “Promiscuous” as a terrible crime against the children of the nation and shake a finger at everyone who listens to it and likes it. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can work up either the inclination or the indignation to do so.

Other random notes from an hour spent imitating a cucumber:

1. The Lost Prophets are good. Good tune, good video.
2. Apparently Pharrell produces all music being recorded today.
3. Stitchie proves that great Christian hiphop is possible. “Fast and Pray” is a fantastic tune.
4. Supafly Inc would have been massive in the early 90’s. Now, they might not even make it to America. “Moving Too Fast” is an ideal club or party remix.
5. The Pussycat Dolls are wildly overrated. If the one chick wasn’t so ridiculously pretty, they’d be nothing. Girls Aloud are better.
6. You kind of have to respect Mariah Carey for writing “Heartbreaker” after getting the original jeter. I like that sort of emotional forthrightness in a song. Dumb video, though.
7. I don’t want to like the Black-Eyed Peas, but I do.

Nevertheless, I will not take any grief from for my occasional foray into pop. Currently in the CD: Ministry, Psalm 69. Rather timely, in light of some earlier discussions:

Theyre gonna set you up
So they can take you down
Theyre gonna suck you dry
Theyve left the blood to be found
Theyre gonna rip you apart
Youre gonna burn at the stake
Cos when its time to collect
Its only heroes who pay