Mailvox: win one, lose one

Dale makes a cogent case for why I will never appear in your local newspaper:

I quit. I have tried to read your stuff but it is not written for the average guy but for the inter masses of your own brain.

your article today Riding the Weak Horse III is so broken that it takes me three time as long to read it.

I don’t blame Dale, and I don’t even mind that some people don’t like my idiosyncratic style. I feel rather the same way about William F. Buckley and Doug Giles, although for very different reasons, obviously. I don’t see any reason why every commentator should sound the same, although obviously the editors at Townhall, National Review and every major newspaper in America tend to disagree.

JH feels rather differently:

Just stumbled onto your blogsite (via fraters..) and column a few weeks ago. I think you mentioned back then that you were considering dropping your WND column. After having a couple of weeks to digest, I’d have to say ‘please don’t’. I like the blog quite a bit but the thoughts in the column seem a bit more polished.

Most columns are unreadable, even if you agree with the writer – I would hate to see one of the good ones fold.

As is usually the case, I got bored after getting lazy and writing about things that don’t require any thought. The columns of the Weak Horse series are the sort of thing from which I actually derive satisfaction, unfortunately, it’s not always possible to summon the necessary energy needed to produce the more in-depth columns.

Now, it’s possible that I may have to quit writing altogether soon out of sheer professional humiliation, but more on that in a few months time….