Mailvox: Instability is our friend

DO groks today’s column:

Vox, yes, and how do we promote strife within Islam? By getting out of Iraq. We are actually in the strange position of striving to “unite” the Shia’s and Sunnis of Iraq! Why?

We’ve set the fuse in Iraq. Our pullout will light it. We are the only glue holding the house of cards in Iraq together! And the beauty of it is the Saudis have their own Shia problem . . . as do the Gulf States. The Kurds are generally Pro US and are yet another fly in the ‘PanIslamist” ointment. They, the Muslims, will be devoting precious blood and treasure(not to mention petro dollars)”solving” their intra-Islamic crisis.

We need to realize dissent within Islam, the promotion of Kurds and Berber identity, the defence of Christians everywhere in the middle east, and the promotion of a real civil war between the Shia and Sunni which will only take place in earnest, with passion, on our exit from Iraq are all in our interests. Are there no political leaders who see this? Hagel sees Iraq as a failure but would never want to bring civil war to Iraq….

Actually by fomenting intra Islamic war, we will achievve our CENTRAL goal which
is cutting the legs out from under a potent, united, global Jihad.

Yes, well, I have been urging our pullout from Iraq for more than two years now. The absurdity of attempting to fix Iraq by uniting it is not particularly stupid because it’s impossible, but because it is directly contrary to our interests. Civil wars are eminently desirable when all of those involved in fighting them are your openly declared enemies.