Catkiller comes out

Of the homeschooling closet:

I’ve been hesitating to discuss this decision my family has made because of the public way in which I operate this blog. Being a school teacher, it’s a bit of a risk for me to openly share my thoughts about my own children’s education. But, in the final analysis, that’s the best reason to just come out and talk about it. They are my children. I am a free American. This is my home. My wife and I choose to homeschool our children.

Our reasons will come as little surprise to my regular readers. I have been to the puppet show and seen the strings. Moreover, I grow more and more uneasy about the way in which our current public education paradigm was formed. The characters who haunt the history of modern public schooling are a rogues gallery of socialists, secular humanists and humorless utilitarians. To cut my children from that cloth just seems the height of absurdity.

Reason #1: We are not post-modernists. We believe there is a right and wrong, a good and evil, a truth and falsehood. The best public education can deliver is an unbiased presentation of the multifaceted views represented in our nation and the world….

Reason #2: We gave an alternative method of public schooling a try and it failed to impress. All we seemed to get was more busy work and more extraneous rules….

He presents five reasons in all. In my opinion, they’re all solid but the fifth one is far and away the most convincing.